That is why, since 2010 we have been building and operating photovoltaic power plants in different parts of world - Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and our main market in Chile. And that is not all: we are thinking of other countries of Latin America, considering selected markets in Europe (where the sunlight offers suitable conditions) and deciding, which markets of Asia and Africa to enter.

We have implemented the power plants with the output over 30 MW, this year we would like to add 86 MW of 250 MW planned to be implemented within the upcoming 3 years. Our goal is to commission approximately 35 power plants in Chile.

We are based in Prague and Santiago de Chile. Nowadays, we are represented also in Romania and Argentina.

New colleagues willing to make our vision come true and work on big projects in a fast-growing company are welcome.

Be in at the commissioning of new technologies

The field of using renewable sources changes from year to year and we apply meaningful innovations and technologies into economically viable projects. Our power plants have their panels mounted on a special single-axis sun-tracking frame. This tracking system tracks the sun and maximizes the level of solar radiation on the panel surface throughout the day. We are preparing the installation of bifacial solar panels using reflected and diffuse radiation to increase the output of solar modules.

Our mission & work style:

We believe that development of energy production from renewable sources is meaningful: photovoltaics makes sense – it is fully competitive in Latin America and transition to renewable sources is in conformity with energetic strategy of many countries.

In addition to the construction of photovoltaic power plants, we develop off-grid solutions (we see the energy storage as a key to more massive construction of photovoltaic power plants in remote areas). We always pursue the effectiveness of our projects, ensuring a long-term and stable yield.

We have a drive; we decide quickly and can work with risk. This is reflected in our company life too: we are driving to the fullest!

Working positions

Job position: Place: Date:
Project Electro Designer of Photovoltaic Systems (Senior) Praha 11.06.20
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